the story that the FBI relied so heavily on Crowdstrike (& now we know the GT crew) w/out taking possession of the servers, or getting their own copies & or getting an unredacted report or doing their own analysis always struck me as fantastical: a presidential candidate (presumed to soon win)! and they outsource the vital work. But we can see now that ginning up antagonism against Russia was a 2 sided blade: to beat Trump & to provoke war w/Russia in Ukraine.

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Ugh…why did you lock your Twitter? I can’t see your Tweets any longer. I was “permanently” banned by Twitter for calling David Frum a f—-g political whore (yes, I didn’t spell it out). I probably won’t be able to listen either.

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John Paul Issac tries repeatedly to turn in Hunter's Laptop to feds starting in Oct 2019

In Dec 2019 the feds pick up the laptop

Jan 14, 2020 Nicole Perlroth breaks story that Burisma Holdings has been hacked and sources Area1 Security as the company that identified the hack. Area1 was founded by former NSA members with ties to Crowdstrike

Several news outlets begin publishing stories stating that the public should be prepared for fabricated leaks coming from Russia

Per Zuckerberg on Rogan the feds inform facebook to BOLO for leaks fitting some pattern coming from Russia that would impact the 2020 election. Leading to the censoring of the laptop story.

Issac gives Giuliani laptop sometime in Fall 2020

Intel sources predict that Russians would leak Burisma hack material in October 2020 as an October surprise

New York Post article drops Oct 14th 2020

Letter signed by IC saying it was Russian disinfo

Just a wild guess but in June of 2020 Manos could have been working on attributing Hunter material to Russian hack stemming from the Burisma email hack Area1 informed the NYT of in Jan 2020

Cloudflare bought Area1 in February 2022

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Is Kilimnik a spy? Answer fast.

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So Ryan Milliwork, maybe I should reach out to your work, see how good they feel about you spreading conspiracy theories, spreading lies, and disinformation. Then trolling companies and harassing people speaking out against your behavior. I mean you work in a fairly well regulated industry, unhinged workers are not in high demand.

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This scenario (the IC's blithe reliance on partisan private actors for attribution) is so bizarre and unorthodox that the MSM's failure to question it defies belief. That said, failure to ask questions has been the quintessential MSM failure throughout this debacle. The claim that our generously funded global IC was easily foiled by supposed Russian hackers and that this impacted the election was preposterous on its face. The demand that the public should accept this evidence free proposition without question and the immediate labeling of those who did not as Putin propagandists only took us further through the looking glass. Up is down, and out is in, in this bizarro world created by the authoritarian state so threatened by Trump that it collectively abandoned any pretense of impartiality or subtly. What happens now, when trust in bedrock institutions has been damaged beyond repair?

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